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Vehicle-mounted CAN bus network method for detecting abnormality and system 西安电子科技大学 CN CN-110275508-A 李兴华, 张会林, 张恒友, 陈颖, 钟成, 马建峰
Network security monitoring method and device based on HTM algorithm 中电长城网际安全技术研究院(北京)有限公司 CN CN-110224852-A 罗赟骞, 邬江
Event data recordation to identify and resolve anomalies associated with control of driverless vehicles Nio Usa, Inc. US US-2019220011-A1 Mauro Della Penna
A kind of aided diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine system 北京科技大学 CN CN-109346185-A 阿孜古丽·吾拉木, 史彩琳, 刘欣, 张德政, 谢永红
System and method for associating music with brain-state data Interaxon Inc. US US-2015297109-A1 Ariel Stephanie Garten, Christopher Allen Aimone, Trevor Coleman, Kapil Jay Mishra Vidyarthi, Locillo (Lou) Giuseppe Pino, Michael Apollo Chabior, Paul Harrison Baranowski, Raul Rajiv Rupsingh, Madeline Ashby, Paul V. Tadich, Graeme Daniel Moffat, Javier Arturo Moreno Camargo