Title company name (assignee) Country/Patent Coverage filing/creation date grant date id inventor/author priority date publication date representative figure link result link
Vehicular medical assistant International Business Machines Corporation US US-2019359056-A1 John D. Wilson, Kelley Anders, David B. Lection, Jeremy R. Fox, Mark B. Stevens, Liam S. Harpur, Jonathan Dunne, Maharaj Mukherjee, Jonathan Lenchner
Microclimate wind forecasting International Business Machines Corporation US US-2019271563-A1 Sushain Pandit, Fang Wang, Su Liu, Cheng Xu
Event data recordation to identify and resolve anomalies associated with control of driverless vehicles Nio Usa, Inc. US US-2019220011-A1 Mauro Della Penna
Gesture operated wrist mounted camera system Vikas Gupta US US-10254843-B2 Vikas Gupta
Metallic synapses for neuromorphic and evolvable hardware International Business Machines Corporation US US-2018300599-A1 Shawn P. Fetterolf, Jin-Ping Han, Christian Lavoie, Paul S. McLaughlin, Ahmet S. Ozcan, Roger A. Quon
Sparse distributed representation of spatial-temporal data Numenta, Inc. US US-2016217164-A1 Jeffrey C. Hawkins, Chetan Surpur, Scott M. Purdy