Vicarious Fpc, Inc.

Title company name (assignee) Country/Patent Coverage filing/creation date grant date id inventor/author priority date publication date representative figure link result link
Methods for establishing and utilizing sensorimotor programs Vicarious Fpc, Inc. WO WO-2019018860-A1 David Scott PHOENIX
System and method for teaching compositionality to convolutional neural networks Vicarious Fpc, Inc. US US-10185914-B2 Austin Charles Stone, Huayan Wang, D. Scott Phoenix, Dileep George
Systems and methods for event prediction using schema networks Vicarious Fpc, Inc. US US-2018357551-A1 Kenneth Alan Kansky, Tom Silver, David A. Mely, Mohamed Eldawy, Miguel Lazaro-Gredilla, Dileep George
Systems and methods for deep learning with small training sets Vicarious Fpc, Inc. WO WO-2018053464-A1 Miguel Lazaro GREDILLA
System and method for a recursive cortical network Vicarious Fpc, Inc. US US-9607263-B2 Dileep George, Kenneth Kansky, D Scott Phoenix, Bhaskara Marthi, Christopher Laan, Wolfgang Lehrach
Systems and methods for generating data explanations for neural networks and related systems Vicarious Fpc, Inc. US US-2016292567-A1 Dileep George, Kenneth Alan Kansky, Christopher Remmert Laan, Wolfang Lehrach, Bhaskara Mannar Marthi, David Scott Phoenix, Eric Purdy