Frank Astier

Title company name (assignee) Country/Patent Coverage filing/creation date grant date id inventor/author priority date publication date representative figure link result link
Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) System Deployed As Web Service Numenta, Inc. US US-2014207842-A1 Jeffrey L. Edwards, Wiliam C. Saphir, Subutai Ahmad, Dileep George, Frank Astier, Ronald Marianetti
Hierarchical temporal memory (HTM) system deployed as web service Numenta, Inc. US US-8732098-B2 Subutai Ahmad, Dileep George, Jeffrey L. Edwards, William C. Saphir, Frank Astier, Ronald Marianetti
Sequence learning in a hierarchical temporal memory based system Numenta, Inc. US US-2012330885-A1 Robert G. Jaros, Dileep George, Jeffrey Hawkins, Frank Astier
Hierarchical temporal memory based system including nodes with input or output variables of disparate properties Numenta, Inc. US US-7941389-B2 II Ronald Marianetti, Frank Astier
Hierarchical Temporal Memory Based System Including Nodes with Input or Output Variables of Disparate Properties Numenta, Inc. US US-2007192262-A1 Ronald Marianetti, Frank Astier