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Methods, apparatus and products for semantic processing of text 코티칼.아이오 아게 KR KR-102055656-B1 소우자 웨버 프란시스코 에두아르도 드
Records access and management Eingot LLC EP EP-3583526-A1 William J. Raduchel, Art Spivy
Based on the CDN Traffic anomaly detection device and method for improving separation time memory network 南京理工大学 CN CN-110460591-A 王永利, 郭相威, 刘聪, 赵宁, 张伟, 卜凡, 朱亚涛, 罗靖杰, 刘森淼, 彭姿容, 朱根伟
A kind of database anomalous event missing data fill method and system 山东大学 CN CN-110309136-A 崔立真, 房志坚, 郭伟, 鹿旭东
Name disambiguation method, device, electronic equipment and computer readable storage medium 中国科学技术信息研究所 CN CN-110275957-A 李琳娜, 翟晓瑞, 韩红旗, 刘志辉, 王莉军
Computational method for temporal pooling and correlation International Business Machines Corporation US US-2019095211-A1 Wayne I. Imaino, Ahmet S. Ozcan, J. Campbell Scott
Records access and management Eingot LLC US US-10231077-B2 William J. Raduchel, Art Spivy
System and method for data storage and processing Илья Николаевич Логинов RU RU-2670781-C9 Илья Николаевич Логинов
System and computer-based method for simulating a human-like control behaviour in an environmental context. Toyota Motor Europe, CAMLIN ITALY S.r.l. EP EP-3326117-A1 Jonas Ambeck-Madsen, Aymeric RATEAU, Marcello MASTROLEO, Federico SASSI, Roberto UGOLOTTI, Alessandro BACCHINI, Luca MUSSI, Luca Ascari
Method of programming a neural network computer Volvo Car Corporation EP EP-2884424-A1 Ichiro Sugioka
Artificial memory system and method for use with a computational machine for interacting with dynamic behaviours Toyota Motor Europe Nv/Sa, Henesis S.R.L. EP EP-2870571-A2 Luca Ascari, Federico SASSI, Matteo Sacchi, Luca MUSSI, Jonas Ambeck-Madsen, Ichiro SAKATO, Hiromichi Yanagihara