Title company name (assignee) Country/Patent Coverage filing/creation date grant date id inventor/author priority date publication date representative figure link result link
Records access and management Eingot LLC EP EP-3583526-A1 William J. Raduchel, Art Spivy
Systems and methods for complex biomolecule sampling and biomarker discovery Seer, Inc. WO WO-2019209888-A1 Philip Ma, Theo PLATT, Omid Farokhzad, Gregory Charles TROIANO
Methods and systems for mapping data items to sparse distributed representations Cortical.Io Ag US US-2019332619-A1 Francisco Eduardo De Sousa Webber
Method and system for identifying similarity levels between a plurality of data representations 코티칼.아이오 아게 KR KR-20190069443-A 소자 베버 프란시스코 드
Records access and management Eingot LLC US US-10231077-B2 William J. Raduchel, Art Spivy
A kind of aided diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine system 北京科技大学 CN CN-109346185-A 阿孜古丽·吾拉木, 史彩琳, 刘欣, 张德政, 谢永红
Biometric information evaluating system 株式会社Eyes,JAPAN WO WO-2018216697-A1 純 山寺
System and method for protein corona sensor array for early detection of diseases The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc., Omid Farokhzad, Morteza Mahmoudi, Claudia Corbo CA CA-3046540-A1 Omid Farokhzad, Morteza Mahmoudi, Claudia Corbo
Biological data structure having multi-lateral, multi-scalar, and multi-dimensional relationships between molecular features and other data The Translational Genomics Research Institute, Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University US US-2015081676-A1 Spyro Mousses, Toni R. Farley, Jeffrey A. Kiefer, Charles J. Colbourn, Preston Victor Lee
Methods for using compositions comprising heat shock proteins or alpha-2- macroglobulin in the treatment of cancer and infectious disease 유니버시티 오브 코네티컷 헬스 센터 KR KR-20050109498-A 프라모드 케이 스리바스타바
Use of urease for inhibiting cancer cell growth 헬릭스 바이오파마 코포레이션 KR KR-20050038005-A 카오헤르만, 웡와하, 세갈도날드, 맥엘로이제리, 도체르티존, 딕스테인조디
Using heat shock proteins to improve the therapeutic benefit of a non-vaccine treatment modality 유니버시티 오브 코네티컷 헬스 센터 KR KR-20040106394-A 스리바스타바프라모드케이