Title company name (assignee) Country/Patent Coverage filing/creation date grant date id inventor/author priority date publication date representative figure link result link
Active learning model validation Benevolentai Technology Limited WO WO-2019186193-A2 Dean PLUMBLEY, Marwin Hans Siegfried SEGLER
Shortlist selection model for active learning Benevolentai Technology Limited WO WO-2019186195-A2 Dean PLUMBLEY, Marwin Hans Siegfried SEGLER
Ensemble model creation and selection Benevolentai Technology Limited WO WO-2019186194-A2 Dean PLUMBLEY, Matthew SELLWOOD, Marco Fiscato, Alain Claude VAUCHER
Reinforcement learning Benevolentai Technology Limited WO WO-2019186196-A2 Dean PLUMBLEY, Marwin Hans Siegfried SEGLER
Biological data structure having multi-lateral, multi-scalar, and multi-dimensional relationships between molecular features and other data The Translational Genomics Research Institute, Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University US US-2015081676-A1 Spyro Mousses, Toni R. Farley, Jeffrey A. Kiefer, Charles J. Colbourn, Preston Victor Lee
Androgen glycosides and androgenic activity thereof 앤드류 맥린, 스트라칸 리미티드 KR KR-20020013533-A 존안토니 카니스, 마이클프란시스 홀릭
Aminomethyl phosphonic acid and aminomethyl-phosphonic acid derivatives, and their use for the treatment of degenerative joint diseases 로제르트, 루츠, 훽스트 아크티엔게젤샤프트 KR KR-960010670-A 볼프 에르하르트, 로쓰마니트 에르하르트, 토르바르트 베르너, 라이쓰 루트, 울리히 바이트만 클라우스
Primer paint or primer surfacer composition 고니시 히꼬이찌, 폴리플라스틱스 가부시끼가이샤 KR KR-920002977-B1 가쯔히꼬 다까하시, 요시하루 스즈끼, 하루야스 이또오
Coating composition based on polyepoxides and urethane-containing polyacid curing agents 헬렌 에이. 파블릭크, 피피지 인더스트리즈, 인코포레이티드 KR KR-920002989-B1 웬-슈앙창, 리 듀포드 에드워드, 앤드류 클라니카 조셉
Ester of dihydrolysergic acid and process for preparation thereof 메리 앤 터커, 일라이 릴리 앤드 캄파니 KR KR-880001009-B1 리 가브레흐트 윌리암, 푸르넬 마조니 지포드, 존 팔리 캐롤, 로즈 화이튼 카트린, 로이스 코헨 말렌, 워드 풀러 레이