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Methods and systems for improving machines and systems that automate execution of distributed ledger and other transactions in spot and forward markets for energy, compute, storage and other resources Strong Force TX Portfolio 2018, LLC WO WO-2019217323-A1 Charles Howard CELLA
Method and system for identifying similarity levels between a plurality of data representations 코티칼.아이오 아게 KR KR-20190069443-A 소자 베버 프란시스코 드
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Inference device and inference method Mitsubishi Electric Corp TW TW-201643779-A Wataru Matsumoto, Genta Yoshimura, Xiongxin Zhao
Image filtering method for detecting orientation component of edge and image recognizing method using the same Iucf-Hyu (Industry-University Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University) US US-9355335-B2 Il-hong Suh, Young-Bin Park
Directed Behavior in Hierarchical Temporal Memory Based System Numenta, Inc. US US-2015142710-A1 Jeffrey C. Hawkins, Dileep George
Sequence learning in a hierarchical temporal memory based system Numenta, Inc. US US-2012330885-A1 Robert G. Jaros, Dileep George, Jeffrey Hawkins, Frank Astier
Image retrieval system based on HTM (hierarchical temporal memory) algorithm and image retrieval method thereof 中国科学院上海光学精密机械研究所 CN CN-102682084-A 夏知拓, 阮昊, 王昊
Supervision based grouping of patterns in hierarchical temporal memory (HTM) Numenta, Inc. US US-8195582-B2 James Niemasik, Dileep George
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Hierarchical temporal memory based system including nodes with input or output variables of disparate properties Numenta, Inc. US US-7941389-B2 II Ronald Marianetti, Frank Astier
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Hierarchical Temporal Memory Based System Including Nodes with Input or Output Variables of Disparate Properties Numenta, Inc. US US-2007192262-A1 Ronald Marianetti, Frank Astier